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PostSubject: Forum Moderation   Forum Moderation EmptyMon Nov 10, 2008 3:29 pm

Forum Moderation To_keep_order
This forum is going to be more heavily moderated, starting now. I am the one responsible for this change, so any and all complaints should be directed to me. I have a few rules regarding the change, most of which regard the other administrators, and are generally straightforward.

1. No one gets banned by anyone unless the decision is run by the other two main admins, namely BerbaUtd and Miguel. They are online more often than the others; if there is a problem, they will more than likely deal with it. The only exception to this rule is if a member is showing purely offensive behavior, i.e. repeated use of profanity, ignoring admin requests in the MM section, or volume spamming.

2. Be nice. I will be passing out a few warnings soon, and more will come as needed. Rudeness of any kind towards new members, such as the "Ban first ask questions later" attitude displayed by some admins (you know who you are), will not be tolerated. If you had a past incident with a member on the EAUK Community, or if you have distaste for a certain member joining the forums, take it to private messages. The forum doesn't need any extra drama.

3. No whining. Valid complaints, such as those pertaining to the Manager Mode or Member's Lounge sections, will be given due consideration by the admins. However, claims of competition, spamming, image stealing, racism, offensive images or text, argument provocation, sockpuppetry and the like will be immediately removed if the admins deem the offenses to be absent.

4. No complaints about administrative decisions. This is more for your own protection than any of the other rules, mainly because outside of the specified instances I'm outlining here, BerbaUtd is God, and Miguel is Assistant God. If they tell you to shut up, shut up is what you will do. They may be lenient when the mood strikes them, but if you choose to disobey their rules, you will be doing so at your own risk.

5. I will not let anyone off the hook because I'm normally friendly with them, or because I've known them longer than someone else. You think I'm kidding? Try me. Very Happy

"Me parece que el Cuervo no sale campeón/ sale Boca/ sale Boca sí señor"
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Forum Moderation
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